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About TEAM Ventures

Team Ventures is an alternative investment firm in Kathmandu, promoted by a dynamic group of businesspeople with experience across multiple sectors. The company is working with the motto of having a positive impact on the socio-economic indicators of the local economy while also ensuring optimal investor returns.


TEAM Ventures envisions to be a leading institutional investor in Nepal to support entrepreneurial growth and maximize value for our investor with effective short and long term capital allocation strategies.


  • To be trusted partner of choice for our investor by consistently providing superior returns.
  • To nurture long-term relationship with like-minded entrepreneurs and support their vision by giving access to capital, network, and knowledge to help them build and grow great companies.
  • To continuously and diligently pursue short and long-term opportunities in various assets classes for capital deployment.
  • To build a firm that attracts, nurtures, and retains exceptional human capital that fosters a culture of SMART Investing.
  • To be committed ESG principles to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and transparent governance through its dedication to ESG principles


  1. To generate high returns for their investors by acquiring, improving, and ultimately selling or exiting investments at a profit.
  2. To scale up and expand business operations focus on delivering long-term sustainable value.
  3. To foster entrepreneurial growth, optimizing value for investors through strategic capital allocation.
  4. To have a positive impact on socio-economic indicators of the local economy.
  5. To drive progress through investment activities while upholding the highest standards of corporate ethics and governance.


We abide by the culture of SMART investing.

S: Superior and Sustainable Returns

M: Managing Risks

A: Accountability

R: Rigorous Diligence

T: Trusted Relationships